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Scott Smith, Lead Singer of South of Mayhem
Juan Martinez, Lead Guitarist of South of Mayhem
David Wimprine, Bass Guitarist for South of Mayhem
Curtis Hansen, Drummer for South of Mayhem

Scott Smith...Lead Singer
Dad, Husband, Front Man, in that order. Born and raised in Abilene, Texas. I have always loved music and enjoyed singing. Didn't actually start singing in front of people until I was probably 27 years old. I've been in a couple of Rock bands in the beginning, then started doing more of the country stuff. It seemed like it was a lot easier to get a gig in Abilene if you did Country/Texas Country music, and the gigs paid better. I grew up listening to country, classic rock, pop, rap, heavy metal, alternative, techno, just about everything. I guess I've been influenced by all kinds of music. To me if its a good song, then its a good song. Maybe that's why I never have known what to tell folks when they ask, "what kind of music do you play?" I like to think we have our own sound and don't really know where we fit in. We decided to put together South of Mayhem and everything has just fallen into place. I've always been a hell raiser my whole life. I'm slowing down as time goes on, but I'm probably going to be at the bar anyways, might as well get paid for it, so I got in a band. 

Juan Martinez...Lead guitar
I first started guitar back in the mid-80s at the height of the popular hair bands, such as Kiss, Van Halen and Guns & Roses. I joined my first official cover band, Shattered Glass, in the early 90s. After several years and different versions of that band, I later moved on to different bands that included Jazz Cats, 3-D, Renegade and One Trick Pony. In the early 2000s, I was the founding member of the popular metal band, Morpheus. Achieving great local success, and winning several Battle of the Bands, we [Morpheus] also opened for larger acts such as Saliva and Tantric. They also won several "Band of the Year" awards, that were awarded by The Blues and Rock Gazette. After a few years the metal scene left as fast as it came with a new genre, "Texas Country," slowly taking its place at the local clubs. After Morpheus, he later moved on to other groups such as the country Cory Bivens Band and the all variety group, UnderCover. In the Fall of 2009, I joined two of the main members of a band called MoneyShot for several gigs that eventually stretched out to about 6 years. In 2015, Shand and Cecil Tijerina, Jeff Hargrove and I formed Love is Blind, a band that mixes different genres and sounds such as country, pop, rock and dance to create a wide variety of music. Creating a super atmosphere and giving its audience plenty of musical surprises.

David Wimprine Bass Guitar
I was born and raised in Abilene, Texas. I first got the desire to play bass after hearing Kiss, at the age of 9. After that, I've been playing professionally since the age of 14. While Gene Simmons was the reason for starting to play bass, I discovered Motown and then my path was clear...Groove and playing deep in the pocket is the most important aspect of my playing. James Jamerson, Chuck Rainey and Louis Johnson are my main influences. Hopefully those influences show when I least a little. Local bass player Tim Bosley has had and still has, a profound impact on my playing. In the past I've played for 3-D, Shades of Grey, UnderCover and MoneyShot, along with numerous fill in gigs...I've shared the stage with country legends...Ray Price, Don Williams and Tracy Lawrence along with other Texas acts, such as Kevin Fowler, Jason Boland, Reckless Kelly, and Jackson Taylor among others. I have been lucky enough to have learned from and become great friends with some of the greatest musicians in the world. Right here in Abilene, I have tried to take something from each of these musicians and apply it into the way I play. I am truly blessed to be playing in South of Mayhem. I couldn't think of a better bunch of guys to share the stage with, and I'm always looking forward to the next gig and adventure.

Curtis Hansen...Drums

Drummer for the South of Mayhem band, orginally from Los Banos, CA. He came to Texas in 2003 and lived in Sweetwater, shortly after he settled in Tye, Texas , where he has called home ever since. He began his drumming ambitions at an early age when he decided to follow in the footsteps of his uncle, Joe Augustine...who was an established professional drummer in and around the Los Banos area In later years, he continued his drumming
carrer by touring full-time with the Ginny Mitchel band, who toured the northern U.S and all through Canada. It was here that Curtis played and became good friends with now famous guitar player Redd Volkaert. Curtis has many drumming influences, but the one that is definitely obvious in his playing is Tower of Power's drummer David Garibaldi, from the technical hi-hat work, to the syncopated grooves.
Garibaldi's influence is evident In later years Curtis played with the Jaron Bell band, it was at this time that he met South of Mayhem bass player, David Wimprine. The two formed a rhythm section that was second to none......known as B.I.G. (Brothers in Groove) they have played together ever since , for now over 10 years. Curtis is always looking for the next killer groove or ways to improve his playing , he lives to play music and is always looking for the next big South of Mayhem show.

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